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The best PAY-PER-LEAD WebWorker affiliate programs: PAY-PER-LEAD affiliate programs benefit you in that each time someone on your web site clicks on a banner or textual link AND they then take some action such as filling out a form or downloading get paid.


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POPUP TRAFFIC..PAYS $3.00 per 1000 impressions for in Front of Browser Popups and $2.00 per impressions for Behind of Browser Pop Unders. Has a very small unobtrusive popup. Easy to implement. Their referral program is OUTSTANDING. This is now one of my top paying programs. CLICK HERE

WEBSPONSORS FOR WEBMASTERS ...It's a results based ad networks allow webmasters to earn advertising dollars by generating leads, subscribers, survey participants, club members and sales for products and services.Currently carries about 130 offers, most of them are free; from time to time it offers also pay-per-click offers. Payouts range from $0.50 to $16 (US) per lead. All offers are regularly updated on the website, which is personalized for each affiliate. Two-Tier payout for webmasters, earn referral fees by joining one of their affiliate programs and earn referral fees by sending them other webmasters. Commissions are 10% from whatever is sold based upon sign ups from webmasters using your link. WebWorker has been participating in WebSponsors since Feb 1999.

CAR outstanding pay per lead program where you earn $.75 to $12.50 depending upon what feature is requested.

The above pay-per-leads are the only ones that WebWorker has had first hand experience with but their are over 100 pay-per-lead offers in the above link! -----------

ASSOCIATE PROGRAMS...another outstanding source for affiliate referral income programs. excellent source with over 500 affiliate referral income programs.

TRANSACT...Direct Leads programs.

ADBILITY...An awesome array of affiliate information and much much more.

DIRECT LEADS...Direct Leads pays you directly for signing up with various advertiser programs that they present. You also have the opportunity to signup other webmasters and earn 10% of whatever they earn.